Candyshop Event 29.06.2014

Last Saturday, June 29th, we had an awesome party at P1, a nightclub in Munich.

Our ‘Uhlala’ bikini girls were booked by the P1 hosts for their candy shop themed summer party. That Saturday was a really rainy day and we all were very scared about it raining all night long but luckily the rain stopped just in time for the event to start. So our lovely bikini girls could start spreading their magic in beautiful sunshine. They welcomed every guest by offering some candy.

”Hey sweety, can I offer you some sweets?” – How could you possibly say no to such smoking hot bikini girls? ;-) Everybody was fascinated by their beauty and their huge, warm and friendly smiles… and of course by our new collection of sexy beachwear.





After everybody had arrived and had received his/her welcome-candy the party started to get hot inside the club.

At around 1am -when the party reached its climax – our girls jumped upon the bar and started to dance really sexy.

Then the DJ grabbed his microphone and welcomed all guests. And to make it even more spectacular our babes escorted this welcoming with fireworks and really heated up the atmosphere. Everybody in the club was going crazy – what a night!

Thank you all for partying with us! We had so much fun with you guys – you are awesome!

Special thanks to our beautiful bikini girls: Mile, Anina, Saira, Melissa, Kim and Jana

candyshoppp candyshop


XOXO Judith



More pictures:

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